nFocus is a restaurant dashboard that displays a comprehensive overview of your restaurant's operations and performance. This intuitive restaurant dashboard displays information in an easy to digest format that empowers restaurant owners and managers to easily keep a pulse on what is happening operationally while empowering them to make informed business decisions. Easily pull a variety of detailed business reports, view sales and labor data, and set alerts to optimize the performance of your bar or restaurant.

Summary Data

  • Net Sales
  • Labor Costs
  • Check Averages
  • Sales by Periods
  • Tracking Items
  • Sales by Order Type

Labor Information

  • Overtime Warning
  • Individual Warnings
  • Employee on the Clock
  • Employees by Job
  • Individual Employees

System Alerts

  • Current Date
  • Business Date
  • Last Batch Information
  • Printer Status
  • Credit Card Status
  • VIP Pricing Status